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Beginners Guide for C# (Introduction to Game Design)



Do you have a keen interest in updating your computer skills? Do you want to upgrade your computer language skills without enrolling in expensive and time-consuming courses?
Do you want to learn one of the most object-oriented programming languages? Then you have come to the right place. C# is an extremely elegant code language that is used in most applications.
It enables developers and programmers to build different apps in a secure manner. For those of you who want to learn C#, this book will teach you about:

  • The basics of C# programming
  • The first C# program
  • Basic operations in C#
  • Overcoming errors in programming
  • Loop Control
  • Components of C#
  • Important aspects of C#
  • Common mistakes and how they should be avoided
  • Solutions to these mistakes

And everything else you need to understand as a beginner.
This book is a perfect guide for beginners who want to get started with C# programming and write their first program. To help you get started, this book is written in a simplified manner and will take you through the basics of C# programming. A few basic programs are collated at the end of the book so you can write your own programs and get started with coding.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to get started. Click on the buy now button right away and get your copy to the simplest handbook for C# programming.

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