When we ponder on the impact of gaming on current world, a very interesting question comes to mind.

Has gaming overcome the world or not?

Well, according to me it has!

Gaming has become so integrated with the modern world that now even our grandmas know what Candy Crush or Angry Bird is.

Let us first take a ride back to the early years of the gaming industry.

The Beginning

The first game was developed by Dr. Edward Uhler Condon in 1940. It was such a massive success that it was played by approximately fifty thousand people during the tenure of six months. Then, Alan Turing started his work on a game. It was a game named Turochamp. He finally got successful in 1948 although it was just a program and was never played on the computer still it was a very drastic invention.

After this, simple games, i.e., ping pong were developed and then it was just a series of inventions through which game industry evolved and games became a prominent part of our lives especially among teens. According to a recent study, four out of five U.S households have gaming consoles.

Evolution in the gaming industry

The evolution in gaming industry continued in the 1980s. Electronic Arts were founded in 1982. Video game graphics and 3D games were released, and it was the time when Japan released its Nintendo Entertainment System. In 1989 Nintendo reignited the game market with a mere 2.6” addictive game called Tetris.

Sony introduced the most popular console in the 1990s. 20 million units were sold, and it was a huge success and pushed Sega and Nintendo to the side. In 1997, a SNAKE game was introduced which is a pioneer in mobile gaming before smartphones even existed. This game was pre-installed in over 400 million Nokia phones and thus captivated players worldwide.

In 2000, the best-selling console of all time- Play Station 2 was introduced. Around 150 million units were sold and Play Station 2 easily overlapped the sales of its rivals, Xbox and GameCube. Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox continue to fight out the current generation of console wars. Although they are now in competition with both Mobile and PC gaming.

Has gaming managed to put an impact on people?

Yes, it has!

The gaming industry ignited competition among people who would play games and strive to achieve the highest to mark their name at the top of the list of the players. Thanks to the technological advancement, video games have become even more of a common feature in our lives. According to Pew Research center, 49% of American adults play video games (mobile device, TV, console or computer).

Do you know how many gamers are there worldwide?

2 Billion, half of whom belong to the Asia-Pacific region alone.

It’s fascinating that the average gamer is 38 years old which tells us that it’s not just the stereotypical teenage boys who are playing video games. According to ESA statistics, people under 18 constitute 27% of video game players. People between 18 and 35 constitute 29%, people between 36 and 49 constitute 18% and people who are above the age of 50 constitute 26% of game players.

What is the impact of other technologies on the gaming industry?

Gaming has experienced significant change thanks to the evolution of mobile gaming and digital sales. Not only the mobile industry but other technologies, i.e., augmented reality and virtual reality have also boosted the gaming industry up to a drastic level. This has opened more doors for gamers. Mobile gaming has generated the largest profit as compared to those played on other platforms, i.e., consoles, etc.

If we compare gaming today with gaming of a decade or two ago, it would feel like looking at a black and white picture of our great-grandparents. Technology has brought colors to the gaming industry. Online gaming is another aspect where people not only play online games but connects around the globe with each other as well.

Is the revenue generated by gaming industry continuously increasing?

It is very surprising to know that the global video game market is bigger than the music and film industry combined. In 2013, huge sales were generated by computer and video game companies in the United States with revenues exceeding $21 billion. More and more employees were hired on well-paid jobs. The global digital games market grew by 8% between 2014 and 2015 to $61 billion.

The revenue generated by gaming industry is soaring day by day. According to recent statistics, the profit earned during 2016 through gaming industry is up by 85% as compared to 2015.

The largest regions generating great profits in 2015 was Asia-Pacific earning $43.1 Billion, North America earning $23.8 Billion and Western Europe earning $15.6 Billion and the largest nations by estimated video games revenues in 2016 are China earning $24.4 Billion, The United States earning $23.5 Billion and Japan earning $12.4 Billion.

What will the future of gaming look like?

Mobile and PC gaming is all the rage nowadays, but virtual and augmented reality would most likely drive the future of gaming.

According to the statistics provided by International Data Corporation, worldwide revenue for virtual and augmented reality market will grow from $5.2 Billion in 2016 to more than $162 Billion in 2020.

But it may be the scenario that the future isn’t necessarily what you think!

This is because people share different views when it comes to the future of the game industry. Many think that it would be driven by technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. Some think that new technology would be introduced. But some are also split and confused on some basic questions i.e. will there be new consoles? Will PC gaming still exist in future? Will virtual and augmented reality capture the interest of gamers?

These are the questions scattered in the minds of many people and only the future hold answers to them. But we can predict for sure that the future of gaming is going to be much more immersive.

So, at the end just let me ask you a question. Will you prefer traditional gaming or are you a fan of virtual reality?


Gaming Industry is expanding day by day. Its history shows a massive amount of successful inventions. Many believe that the gaming industry will have stunning success in the future, but some believe this industry to be messy. Some say that this industry will become very successful while others say that it will remain the same. So, it’s just a mixed road ahead, and we all will see where it takes us.